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Sermons/Bible Seminars 2012

All presentations are available on DVDs. MP3 format can be requested also. If you are interested in receiving any of these sermons, please contact us.


2012 (September) - Wenatchee, WA: The Gospel of The Kingdom 


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  1. The Kingdom (by Howard Williams)
  2. The Glorification of Christ (by Nader Mansour)
  3. Some History and Some Principles (by David Clayton)
  4. Who Is Your High Priest? (by Nader Mansour)
  5. It's Not Complicated (by David Clayton)
  6. Thoughts from Galatians (by Imad Awde)
  7. The Spirit, Our Intercessor (by Ken Corklin)
  8. Carriers of the Kingdom (by Howard Williams)
  9. What a Faith (by Imad Awde)
  10. The Embassy of Heaven (by Howard Williams)
  11. The Spirit of Antichrist (by Ken Corklin)
  12. What Profit Is There in Serving God? (by David Clayton)
  13. The Faithfulness of Jesus (by Ken Corklin)
  14. The Law vs the Kingdom (by David Clayton)
  15. I Will Send You Elijah (by Imad Awde)
  16. The Biblical 9/11 (by Nader Mansour)
  17. The Baptism for the Dead (by Nader Mansour)
  18. The Hem of His Garment (by David Clayton)


2012 (May) - Wenatchee, WA: Is the Trinity Doctrine Biblical?


(Some of these sermons can be watched through our Website too.)

  1. Dangers of Falsehood (by Howard Williams)
  2. Why No Rain? (by Ken Corklin)
  3. The Simplicity of the Gospel (by David Clayton)
  4. The Things Which Are Revealed - Part 1 (by Howard Williams)
  5. The Spirit, Our Righteousness (by David Clayton) 
  6. Mysteries (by Ken Corklin)
  7. Born of the Spirit (by David Clayton)
  8. The Things Which Are Revealed - Part 2 (by Howard Williams) 
  9. The Broken Curse (by David Clayton)
  10. The Exercise of the WIll (by Ken Corklin) 
  11. Answers to Objections (by Howard Williams)
  12. The Gospel of the Kingdom (by Howard Williams)
  13. Self Idolatry (by Ken Corklin)
  14. The Heart of God (by David Clayton)