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Sermons/Bible Seminar 2013


All presentations are available on DVDs and are uploaded also to this Website. MP3 format can be requested, too. If you are interested in receiving any of these sermons, please contact us.


2013 - Wenatchee, WA: Children of the King

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  1. Where Are the Sons of God? (by Howard Williams)
  2. His Teaching in Our Past History (by Nader Mansour) 
  3. The 5th Gospel (by Imad Awde) 
  4. The One Hour to Desolation (by Ken Corklin) 
  5. Following the Followers (by Howard Williams) 
  6. Saved by His Life (by Imad Awde) 
  7. New gods (by Nader Mansour) 
  8. Liberation (by Howard Williams) 
  9. That I May Know Him (by Nader Mansour)
  10. Righteousness by Rest - A Way of Escape (by Ken Corklin) 
  11. The Power of His Resurrection (by Nader Mansour) 
  12. Are You a Sabbath-Keeper? (by David Clayton) 
  13. Backward Never, Forward Ever (by Imad Awde) 
  14. Blessings and Curses (by Ken Corklin) 
  15. Striking Parallels (by Howard Williams) 
  16. The Fellowship of His Sufferings (Nader Mansour) 
  17. Quality vs Quantity (by David Clayton)