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Sermons/Bible Seminars 2009 - 2010

Most of the presentations are available on DVDs. If you are interested in receiving any of these sermons, please contact us.


2010 - Wenatchee, WA: Ministers of the New Covenant


  1. Acts, Chapter 29 (by David Clayton)
  2. Mongrel Religion (by Howard Williams)
  3. Galatians 3 (by David Clayton)
  4. Ministers of the Ministry (by Howard Williams)
  5. Galatians 4 (by David Clayton)
  6. Understanding Prayer (by Howard WIlliams)
  7. The Kingdom of God (by David Clayton)
  8. God's Embassy (by Howard Williams)
  9. Dying to the Law (by David Clayton)
  10. The Doctrine of Sin (by Howard Williams)
  11. Credible Witnesses (by David Clayton)
  12. The Great Commission (by Howard Williams)
  13. A Point of Contact (by David Clayton)


2009 - Cashmere, WA


  1. The Two Adams (by Howard WIlliams)
  2. A Better Covenant (by David Clayton)
  3. The Nature of Christ (by Howard Williams)
  4. Godhead and the Gospel (by David Clayton)
  5. Fight of Faith (by Howard Williams)
  6. The Gospel of the Kingdom (by David Clayton)
  7. The Knowledge of Man (by David Clayton)
  8. Where Are the Sons of God? (by Howard Williams)
  9. The Bride of Christ (by David Clayton)