Sermons/Bible Seminar 2016


Almost all presentations will be available on DVDs and many of them will be uploaded also to this Website. If you are interested in receiving any of these sermons, please contact us.


2016 - Wenatchee, WA: CHRISTIANITY - A Misrepresented Religion

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  1. The Trinity According to Jesus (Nader Mansour)
  2. Christianity's Deadly Wound (Howard Williams)
  3. Do You Know the Truth? (David Clayton)
  4. Beware of False Christs (Ken Corklin)
  5. A Change of the Law (Imad Awde)
  6. Reconciled (David Clayton)
  7. The Spirit Mad Flesh (Howard Williams)
  8. A Sign of Bondage (Imad Awde)
  9. The Time Is Fulfilled (Nader Mansour)
10. Beware of False Christians (Ken Corklin)
11. What Was Abolished? (David Clayton)
12. Christianity vs Cultue and Tradition (Howard Williams)
13. The Pioneers Knew (Ken Corklin)
14. The New Covenant Torah (Nader Mansour)
15. The Living Temple (David Clayton)
16. The Promised Life (Imad Awde)
17. Movement of Destiny (Howard Williams)
18. Abusing the Bible (Nader Mansour)
19. Spiritual Realities (David Clayton)