Sermons/Bible Seminar 2015


All presentations are available on DVDs and most of them are uploaded also to this Website. MP3 format can be requested, too. If you are interested in receiving any of these sermons, please contact us.


2015 - Wenatchee, WA: Into His Image

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2 DVD cases contain the 22 disc-presentations                

2 DVD cases contain the 22 disc-presentations






1. Prophet, Priest, and King (Nader Mansour)
2. The God-Contest (Howard Williams)
3. The End of a Bad Relationship (David Clayton)
4. Deception (Howard Williams)
5. A Coat of Many Colors (Imad Awde)
6. The Age of the Earth (David Clayton)
7. The Father and Son Covenant - Part 1 (Nader Mansour)
8. The Father and Son Covenant - Part 2 (Nader Mansour)
9. The Feast Days vs. the New Covenant (Nader Mansour)
10. Another Jesus (Imad Awde)
11. "While Men Slept" (Howard Williams)
12. Problems in the Trinity (Imad Awde)
13. The Wrong Fight (David Clayton)
14. The Feast in the Eyes of the Apostles (Imad Awde)
15. Re-Form (Howard Williams)
16. The Kingdom of God (David Clayton)
17. Adam and Eve vs. the Trinity (Nader Mansour)
18. A Path of Consistency (David Clayton)
19. The Shadowy Christian Life (Imad Awde)
20. An Idea Whose Time Has Come (Howard Williams)
21. A Red Letter Sermon (Nader Mansour)
22. God's Hand in My Life (David Clayton)